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Food for Health International Launches Powder Division to Meet Increasing Demand for Whole-Food Nutrition


Food for Health International Launches Powder Division to Meet Increasing Demand for Whole-Food Nutrition

(Orem, Utah) – In early April 2013, Food for Health International (FFH) launched a new arm of its company for the sole purpose of helping businesses meet growing consumer demand for healthier, whole-food products. The Powder Division, or FFH Powders for short, provides over 50 premium whole-food powders whose unprecedented nutritional quality can make the difference for hundreds of new and existing natural products.

Today’s trend of fast, overly processed food has prompted the growth of a food counterculture: Customers still seek convenience and flavor, but fewer are willing to settle for products that lack nutrition value, ingredient integrity, purity certifications, sustainability and more. This has pushed many companies to expand their offerings and reformulate existing products.

FFH Powders will help businesses meet the demand for healthy, convenient foods with a versatile offering of organic and non-GMO fruit, vegetable and grass powders. “Food for Health International has been investing in the growth of the natural products market for nearly a decade,” said Frank Davis, CEO. “It’s wonderful to see consumer interest push businesses to improve the quality of their products, and we are excited to provide a way for them to do that.”

All FFH powders are manufactured using pioneering technologies that

retain the active nutrient compounds that are almost entirely eliminated during more heat-intensive processes. The fruit and vegetable powders are manufactured by PowderPure, whose technology relies on gentle wavelengths of natural light to evaporate water molecules; the raw grass powders are manufactured using ambient spray-drying that stays at body temperature for most of the process and never heats the product above 106º F.

These technologies are so effective that the powders can offer truly equivalent servings: just teaspoons of powder deliver the same molecular structure and nutritional contents as one USDA serving of the original whole food. Additionally, these powders retain their real color and full flavor and stay fresh for years, eliminating the need for artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

FFH powders are versatile and can be formulated to great effect in a variety of natural products including dietary supplements, foods and beverages, although applications may extend to cosmetics, dyes and more. FFH also provides the option of reselling and/or private labeling the powders in bulk as a 1:1 replacement for fresh produce.


About Food for Health International:

FFH is a manufacturing, marketing and sales powerhouse committed to healthy, safe and self-empowered living. In just eight years FFH has launched several innovative brands including Activz, a line of whole-food nutritional supplements that offers pure, living nutrition. For more information on Food for Health or its brands, visit or call 866.206.9876.

Contact: Derek Christensen, VP of Sales,, office: 801.615.7771, cell: 801.717.6461.

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